Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent

There was an interesting study published recently that said that listening to sad music can actually help you to process your sadness from grief more effectively than more upbeat music. I believe it, don’t you?

How many times have you felt sad and listened to just the right song that opened up the floodgates of tears which, in the end, made you feel so much lighter.

Feeling your feelings and expressing your emotions, whatever they are, is the key element to processing your grief. And if music can help you, so much the better.

In fact, I think you can go beyond music to include movies, fiction, poetry and even commercials (who hasn’t gotten emotional watching Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercials?)

When you encounter something like this that starts to bring up your emotions, let them flow. Don’t resist it.

You’ll feel so much better if you just let yourself feel it. Sometimes what can make you feel the best is a good cry.

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