I’m not feeling well today. Nothing serious. Probably a head cold.

I’ve been sleeping most of the day.

On the bright side, I dreamed about the next Star Wars movie and it was pretty fantastic.

In my fever dream, Kylo has sex with Rey and their child becomes the chosen one.

You can thank me later, Disney.

But besides all of that, taking care of myself when I’m sick has always been a challenge.

When you have parents around, hopefully, they brought you things, took you to the doctor and let you watch cartoons all day in your pjs.

As adults, we often go to work and keep up with our schedules acting like nothing is wrong which leads to spreading whatever we have going on with us to others and a vicious cycle ensues.

It also prolongs whatever illness we have and it sends a clear message to your body to just suck it up.

And I do realize that calling in sick or slacking off on responsibilities may not be possible for many, but how about just being kinder to ourselves? Walk a little slower, sneak in a nap or take a few minutes to really savor your favorite tea or take a long bath.

Your body is always communicating with you. It’s an amazing machine. Treat it well.